United Electric Co has served Jacksonville for over 50 years. It has been though normal ownership and minor name changes but the business philosophy has remained the same: “Do the best possible electrical work; for the lowest possible price”. Our goal is to serve our customers and their families for their lifetime. The new employees learn from the old employees, and keep on doing the good things that are best for our customers. It works!

We do “Electrical Work” (Residential; Commercial; Industrial; and Institutional; new, remodel, maintenance and repair). We also provide Lightning Protection; using Lightning Protection of America’s Preventor System, which carries a $10,000,000 warranty against direct strike. We also provide Surge Protection. We are a State Certified (unlimited) Electrical Contractor in Florida and Georgia.

If you wish to know more about us, ask a neighbor or almost anyone.

John Griffin

John came to United Electric Co in April 1959 from the US Army. He started as a craftsman doing various functions with the company but mainly in the electrical installation work. With a lot of help of his new friends, in a few months (and due to his former training in the electrical field) he passed his Journeyman’s license test for the City of Jacksonville.

Shortly after that he was selected to be on a team to expedite a government housing project in Orlando, FL. During that project he was able to get his first Master Electrician’s license in the City of Orlando and subsequently many other places in central Florida expanding United to several cities with branches. Now a State Certified (unlimited) Electrical Contractor for Florida and Georgia.

He was sent to Michigan, in 1969, to process several projects and when he returned to Florida was assigned to “Stuart Electric” a company affiliated with United Electric Co in Jacksonville, which was later brought into “United”.

John says the way you get a good well organized company is to “go to work for a good company and stay there until the owners die, take over, keep the good and discard the bad,” (It worked for him).

John is now serving as the President, primary qualifying agent and CEO. He also works as an estimator and project manager.

Michael Adamson
Mike came to United Electric Co in July 1983 from non-related work. He started as a craftsman in the electrical installation work. In 1984 he enrolled in the Northeast Florida Home Builder Association Apprenticeship training classes. He passed his St. Johns County Journeyman License test in 1985. His Jacksonville Journeyman test in 1987, and His Jacksonville Master Electrician License test in 2000.

He worked many years in the electrical installation function of United Electric Co. of Jax and moved into a management position in the year 2000.

Mike has been serving as Vice President, a secondary qualifying agent for City of Jacksonville, FL, an estimator and project manager since 2000.

Doug Derousie
Doug Derousie is V.P./Estimator/Project Manager with United Electric where he specializes in Industrial and Commercial projects including, but not limited to, medical buildings, nursing homes, malls, grocery stores, Government jobs and churches. Doug's interest in the electrical trade started in 1978 at Orange Park High School Vocational Center and upon graduation in 1982 entered the electrical field. Doug received his Jacksonville Electrical License in 1987. Doug started his employment with United Electric in 1989 as an Electrical Journeyman Foreman supervising large commercial projects. Doug is also currently a Safety Officer at United Electric and has held that title since 1995.

Brenda Griffin
Brenda is a Florida Native who grew up in the Jacksonville area. She came to work for United Electric Co when she graduated from high school in the bookkeeping department. She left after 5 years and worked in bookkeeping for a large pool supplier and then worked for a construction plan room for 2 years.

Brenda came back to United Electric Co in October 1993. She worked as a clerk answering phones and then ran the service department until April 2006. She has been working in bookkeeping and office management since that time.

Brenda is a farm girl at heart and spends her free time learning about gardening and taking care of her city size farm with dogs, cats, chickens and miniature goats.